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386 Marlborough Street is over 100 years old (built in 1888) and there are constant updates, maintenance and overhauls required to keep a building like this in operation. We are always striving to make a better experience for every international student that comes through our doors! 


Your gifts of time, energy and resources helps us better serve the international student population in Boston. Check out our current projects below and make your donation today to get these projects under way! 


Bay window roof repair

Room 7 renovations

Room 8 renovations

Room 9 renovations

Room 10 renovations

Room 13 renovations

The paint project

Bathroom updates

Front room furniture

Basement kitchen overhaul

Window replacement

Chimney caps

Basement hall flooring

Victorian garden (garage and patio)




Like what you see?

Consider making an investment in the IFH today! Help us keep our vision for serving international students alive! We value your contributions, large or small. Every dollar helps us get there! 


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